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What? Wednesday- Are You Trying to Disrupt the Space/Time Continuum?!

27 Jul

Is that $3000 2011 American Dollars or $3000 Little House on the Prairie American Dollars?

Listen up, Greg.  Time travel is no joke.  I have a special place in my a-hole-ish Flux Capicitor-shaped heart for Doc Brown that pumps 1.21 gigawatts of blood through it everyday which means I take the space/time continuum very, very seriously.  I don’t think Marty McFly would appreciate you sending some possible reefer addict to the past and ruining the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance.   

Also, what’s up with the sexism? 

My advice?  Make the inaugural time travel trip yourself, find your past self, work together to get your present self laid, therefore ensuring that your future self won’t be such a  douche bag.


What? Wednesday- The Tsunami Warns “Y’all Get Back Now”

6 Apr

If you listen closely, you can hear the tsunami alarms going off in this video which made me think that if the recent tsunami in Japan had a face, it would look like this.  If the tsunami could dance, it would pop that thang like this.  If it wrote a song it would probably be called “Y’all Get Back Now”.  And, if it could make a music video to that song, this would be it.

Excuse me?  Girlfriend has the nerve to cop an attitude at the end?  Bitch.