Have I Mentioned I’m a Fainter?

22 Mar

Just a quick message for those of you who have been asking about how the training for my first 10k is going:


I would try to outrun your incessant questions and guilt laden well wishes, but they could totally take me.  Seriously.  I wouldn’t get a block before I was leaning on a light post gasping for breath.

You ok, buddy? Take deep breaths.

In the spirit of getting my ass in gear, I asked my personal trainer sister to give me a workout on Sunday.  I’m really fortunate to be able to use her as a free resource.  People pay for her time, and the information she gives me is valuable.  It was really nice of her to write everything down for me, go through the program with me, correct my form, get me water, lay me down on the mat, check my pulse, wipe my face with a wet cold rag, hold my hand, and call my name as I came to.

The truth is, the race just 4 months away, and I have a lot of work to do.  I know I can do this.

* Obviously, I’m being an a-hole.  I truly do appreciate all of the support.


3 Responses to “Have I Mentioned I’m a Fainter?”

  1. Patti Miller March 22, 2011 at 4:35 pm #

    Around here the 5 year old often says, “Mind your own business, it’s a full time job.” Much kinder. And gentler.

  2. princessndenial March 24, 2011 at 10:38 am #

    It does get better, never fun or easy in my case but better….I still curse the first mile of every run our group does and we are up to six miles…

    This is coming from a girl who was 3rd to last in a 5k….in Center City Philly…who also held up rows of buses on broad street in said race…yeah I thought there were cheering me on…but Im afraid carloads of people yelling “move it asshole” wasn’t very motivating…

    Don’t give up! 🙂

    • Don't Make That Face March 24, 2011 at 3:55 pm #

      “move it asshole” is what I tell myself every morning when I’m getting out of bed to hit the gym. Good for your for finishing the race. That’s my goal. I just want to finish. On my feet and not on a stretcher.

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