Superman, Spiderman, Jesus, Batman, and WonderWoman

17 Mar

Did you know there are comic books dedicated to Jesus?  I don’t mean, “this comic book is dedicated to Jesus H. Christ.”  I mean, “this comic book stars Jesus, Son of God”.

I know what you’re thinking.  Why make a comic book starring Jesus?  Think about it.  He’s the ultimate superhero.  The scales of justice seem to be tipped in JC’s favor, wouldn’t you say?  And, I’m pretty sure he can kick the ass of any evil villain you put in his path with just some kind words, a chalice of wine, and a communion wafer.

Here are a few of my favorite comic book Jesus-es:

1.  Manga Jesus

Speed Racer’s second cousin on his mom’s side.

Credit: Tyndale

2.  Jesus:  In the Name of the Gun

He’s kicking ass and taking names.

Credit: Ethan Nicolle

3.  Loaded Bible

Starring:  Ken Watanabe.

Credit: Image Comics

4.  Saint Young Men

or what I like to call That 70’s Jesus.

Credit: Kodansha

I have no doubt, my friends.  Jesus will triumph over evil!


One Response to “Superman, Spiderman, Jesus, Batman, and WonderWoman”

  1. Janette Monea Ayub March 17, 2011 at 2:48 pm #

    hahaha jesus in the name of the gun looks epic.
    I didn’t even knew such things existed.
    I am now going to read about JC fighting crime!

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