The Super Bowl- In Jesus’s Hands

7 Feb

I watched the Super Bowl at my brother-in-law’s house last night, and with the same group of die-hard Packer fans who have gotten together every Sunday this season to watch this amazing, incredible, unbelievable season unfold. People slowly trickled in, and I could hear the nervousness in their voices as they exchanged pleasantries.  We all knew that in a few minutes the game was going to start, but no one was talking about it.   We were all just trying to enjoy the last few minutes of peace before we would take a collective deep breath, and hold it until we heard the last whistle of the game. 

I put my cold six-pack of beer under my chair, gathered my snacks from the food spread, made sure I had enough napkins to get me through an accidental spill, and laughed a little too loudly as Chrrrrrristeeeeeena Ageeeeelerrrrrrra butchered the national anthem.  Then, kick off.

When it looked as though Driver, Woodson and Shields were out for the count, the anxiety was too much for my frail little body *wink, wink* to handle.  I’m pretty sure my natural defense mechanisms kicked in because I don’t remember much about the actual game after that, and today I’m watching highlights on ESPN as if I’m seeing it all unfold for the first time. 

It wasn’t until the last excruciatingly looooong seconds of the game  that my body allowed my mind to think “Holy shit.  I’m pretty sure we’re going to win the Super Bowl.”   At that very moment I took a look around the room and everything moved in slow motion.  I saw my son on the couch in the corner of the room crossing himself and looking up to the heavens as he said a quick Hail Mary, Hubby, his face two shades lighter than usual, sat with his elbows on his knees and face in his hands, and my cousin, who had taken a break from her constant pacing to step outside for some air, walked in with all of her fingers crossed and stood like a statue watching the clock count down the seconds.  At that moment, I had a vision.  Internet, Jesus is a Packer fan, and last night he took the wheel:


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