I Love Rock ‘n Roll, Put Another Lime In the Juicebox Baby.

31 Jan

The following SNL skit from this weekend reminded of something:

I can totally school Hubby when it comes to song lyrics! I love to bring this up every chance I get because we’re insanely competitive.  Unfortunately, the list of things I can kick his ass in is pretty short.  It includes:

  1. Trivia Pursuit.
  2. B.J.’s.
  3. Not completely screwing up song lyrics.

Here are a few of  my favorite song lyrics according to Hubby:

Kool and the Gang “Celebration”  

Actual lyrics:  Celebrate good times, come on!

Hubby lyrics:     Celebration time, humm, hummm!

Katy Perry “Firework”  

Actual lyrics:  Cause baby you’re a firework.  Come on show ’em what your worth.  Make ’em go “Oh, oh, oh!”.  As you shoot across the sky-y-y

Hubby lyrics:  Baby you’re the fireworks.  Come on and show ’em walls a worth.  Make ’em go-g0-go.  As they shoot across my eye-y-y.

“Happy Birthday”

Actual lyrics: Happy Birthday to you.  Happy Birthday to you. Happy birthday dear DMTF.  Happy Birthday to you.

*Hubby lyrics:  Happy birfday, *hiccup* to you.  Haffy *burp* umph youuuuuu.  Haffy bermfdaaaaa I lob you soooo mush.  *kisses my eye* Haffy I’m really drunk.

So Hubby, you may have beaten me at that game of Mario Kart this weekend, but I think you would agree that I’m the master of song lyrics.  So, suck it!

*This one doesn’t really count because it was at my last birthday party and we were both a little tipsy, but you get the idea.


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